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Massage for Couples with Lucy.

If both of you have wanted to experience a naturist massage but did not want to go separately, then this is the session for you. I can offer this scenario at various smart locations in Hatfield and Stevenage.

I can offer couples the opportunity to enjoy a liberating naturist massage experience without cheating on each other.
You arrive together,enjoy the massage together,and then leave together,what could be nicer?
Also you can decide who sees who.
Would the lady partner like to be massaged by me,Lucy, while the gentleman partner watches.Or would the male partner want the massage while his Lady watches.Or would you like to split the session in half so that both of you can experience a naturist massage from me.

You can choose.
Please Note. These sessions are NOT sex scenarios.I am just offering couples the chance to enjoy something different with a mature and sensible Lady massage professional.
The inclusive fee for a couple to enjoy an up to 60 minute massage session , as described above, is £140.Cash only please.
Call Lucy on 07716 918335.                       

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