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Lucy's Naturist Massage for Ladies|Stevenage & Hatfield|Herts.

Lucy offers Ladies the opportunity to enjoy a sensual naturist massage in a safe location in Stevenage or Hatfield,Hertfordshire. Senior Ladies most welcome.

Hello Ladies, welcome to my Naturist Massage service where I can offer you a liberated and sensual massage at smart venues in and around the area of Hatfield and Stevenage. I work unclothed and you can enjoy the massage totally naked as well.The session starts with you face down so that I can massage your neck, shoulders, back, bottom, legs and inner thighs with a light massage oil. If you have allergies I can use a water based cream instead.
After experiencing my soft feminine hands all over your back , you can turn over so that I can perform a full body massage on your front torso and legs, with no intimate areas excluded or ignored.
The massage can end with the option of you enjoying a Yoni Vaginal Stimulation Experience.
All venues have a clean modern bathroom for you to freshen up in.
So if you would like to experience a more liberated massage than that offered by most beauty salons then give me a call on 07716 918335 most weekdays, after 9am.
FEES.30 Minute session is £60. 45 Minutes is £80.
Full hour fee is £100. Cash only please.

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